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Yucel Donmez is pioneer at creating new techniques and opening new horizons in art.

by.Kamil Pinarci

Yucel Donmez is an established painter known by art admirers all around the world. From his early childhood he had passion to paint.When he was young he used to collect pieces from nature and organize these artful designs.

His sources of inspiration are very rich and wide. The city he was born was very close to mount Ararat. This region is full mythology, and many exciting ruins, rock tombs, statues
remaining from many empires. The folk art is very colorful, full of tales colorful dresses and vibrant colors of abstract design of kilims. All this has an immense effect on his art.
From colorful folk art to abstraction, marble style that he created, we can see traces, and
influence of this diverse spectrum. From young naive painter beginnings to graduation from College of Applied Fine Arts we observe established style with many variations, but still full of youthful vigor and improvisations.

He is one the pioneers of Nature Installation. Which is a quite normal development for a young nature lover, skier and well known mountaineer. He installed many installations nearby ski resorts reflecting the colorful diversity and beauty of nature. He used extraordinary nature and rock formations.

Near the mythical Mount Ararat where Noah’s Ark landed there are many hills. In winter when snow stays for a long time like a white carpet, he painted on the snow resembling the paganic intalations of England. like a signature of mankind from the beginning of time, that we are here,still creative and will be here if we respect mother nature. The snow paintings disappear during the spring, like eternal and everlasting change of nature.
He is well known in Europe and Near East. First Chicago International Art Fair at Navy Pier his paintings are exhibited. Many art collectors bought his paintings for their collections, and he is well publicized by many newspaper, art magazines, radio and TV.

Yucel is pioneer at creating new techniques and opening new horizons in art. Combining the heritage of many different cultures, many different time zones, blending his work with the beauty and design of nature. He is ancient and very modern at the same time.
this reflects to his admirers classical art lovers and curious children are both excited by his work. He enjoys educating children at Urban Gateways and he always admires children’s intuitive approach to art without any prejudice and pretension.

A WGN broadcast from Art Institute, featured Yucel’s style and technique, and called him “Chicago’s Very Own Contemporary Artist” His mature style developed at Chicago.

He is also established scholar, educator and writer. He organizes workshops and enjoys
teaching young children.

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